carbon steel 90 degree socket weld elbow

carbon steel 90 degree socket weld elbow

carbon steel 90 degree socket weld elbow Related introduction

  1. Pipe Elbow | 90 degree butt weld long and short radius elbows

    90 Degree Elbow Carbon Steel Butt Weld Pipe Fittings. Definition Of Pipe Elbow: A pipe elbow is one kind of pipe fittings which can change the liquid or gas flowing direction in a piping system.Pipe elbow ainly used to connect two pipes,sometimes called a “quarter bend”.

  2. Steel Pipe Elbow Material Types and Specifications – Fast ...

    Steel pipe elbow used for changing fluid direction by different degrees, material ranges in stainless steel elbow and carbon steel elbow. There are 45 or 90 degree steel pipe elbow maximum to 180° (Short and Long Radius). Connection types in butt weld, socket weld and threaded.

  3. Socket Weld Pipe Fittings-Tee/Elbow/Union/Coupling

    Forged socket weld fittings are available ex-stock in all major stainless steel grades (ASTM A182 F316L, F304L), carbon steel and alloy steel grades. We offer various types of socket weld fittings including socket weld elbow, socket weld tees, socket weld cross, and more.

  4. Carbon Steel Forged Fittings -

    Carbon Steel Forged Fittings. Zizi have advanced carbon steel socket weld fittings production line and supplies 1″ Class 3000 Forged Elbow 90 Degree SW ASTM A105N ASME B16.11 for Oman. Carbon Steel Socket Weld Fittings are manufactured, tested and certified in …

  5. Steel Pipe Elbow (45 and 90 degree) Types & Specifications ...

    Stainless steel 90 degree elbow is a most common use of pipe elbow for stainless pipelines. Other than this is stainless steel 45 degree elbow, both of them in large requirements for butt weld, socket weld, and threaded connections.

  6. Carbon Steel Weld Fittings & Flanges - Pipe Fittings ...

    Weld Standard Long Radius Carbon Steel 90 Degree...

  7. Socket Weld Steel Elbow 90/180 Degrees-Forged Steel Pipe ...

    Forged Socket Weld Carbon Steel Fittings. Carbon Steel ASTM A105, A350 LF2, A106 Gr.B, A234 WPB. The material for forged carbon steel fittings conforms to the requirements of ASTM/ASME A105/SA105 The dimensions for forged carbon steel fittings conform to ASME B16.11; Marking & Packing. Products are packaged to ensure that there is no damage during transit.

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